As I returned from the San Juans, after climbing Handies, Redcloud and Sunshine the previous day, I stopped in at the Shavano Campground thinking I might bag a couple more fourteeners. A short stint of two miles on the Colorado Trail brought me to the Shavano trailhead.

The view at right is along the Colorado Trail and looking towards Shavano, though Shavano is behind the peak shown.

On trail up Mt Shavano
Angel of Shavano
The trail is long and goes through woods until it finally rises above timberline and angles up to the Angel of Shavano snowfield. The trail is actually up and to the right in this photo. I took this shot on the way back after I had to descend into the gully after Sam decided to go "freelancing" after a herd of mountain goats.
After reaching the final ridge leading to the summit, the snow fields became more prevalent. Once on top the views went on for miles, extending all the way to the San Juans in the southwest and to the east to Pikes Peak.
Sam on Shavano Summit
Steve Bremner on Mt Shavano Summit
Sam on Tabeguache
Steve Bremner on the summit of Mt Shavano
Sam the Wolfdog on Tabeguache Mt
The view across Little Brown's Creek Valley to the 14er Mount Antero.

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